Testimonials Healthcare Clearinghouse

Gary Beauchamp

Vice President - Information Technology

Engage Healthcare Business Services

4619 Kenny Road

Columbus, Ohio 43220

EDI Simplified is easy to use and very efficient. The enrollment process is much better than other sites we have worked with. Add to that the integration with SequelMed EPM. It's a winner!
With all that it does, EDI Simplified really increases our staff efficiency and at the same time lowering our cost.

Testimonials Healthcare Clearinghouse

Jill W. Hayssen

Managing Director

Consensio Health (Wauwatosa, WI)

10625 West North Avenue, Suite 101

Milwaukee, WI 53226

EDI Simplified is a vast improvement from our former clearinghouse and claim editing system. Tools are easy to use and intuitive. In a few easy clicks thousands of claims are managed. An important improvement is in the EDI Simplified team. They are responsive in a quick, friendly and helpful manner.

Testimonials Healthcare Clearinghouse

Margaret Jelenik

Company Owner

MDR-NC (North Carolina)

EDI Simplified is user friendly for all medical offices whether large or small. The main function of submitting claims electronically is efficient and extremely fast and accurate. The speed of processing claim is excellent. Once E R A is received, posting is fast and accurate.

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